Wowing Your Customers Before, During and After the Sale With CRM

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In a contemporary, market-oriented company, the customer relationship has the potential to be a long and prosperous. In lieu of beginning and terminating with a transaction and a one-off sale, the cycle begins before the acquisition and continues long afterwards, establishing a foundation and building the lifetime customer value of each client. This news story looks at how this customer journey can be effectively managed through use of a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.

In the lead up to the sale – provide honest information about the product or service you are selling, be transparent about pricing models.

Using a cloud-based CRM solution you can access the products and pricing modules and see any cost books you may use for your customers irrespective of your location. You can be with the customer in their own residence or office and share information with them regarding cost and availability there and then, avoiding any disagreeable surprises later on because of misquoted prices or stock levels.

In the coursework of the sale – make the sales process of fidelum as simple as feasible with both buyer and seller clear about the product, model, service, customisation etc that is being bought.

Throughout the sales process you can track the goods or services in query through the quote, sales order and bill stage. One time the acquisition details have been logged there is no need to copy and paste this information onto other documents, cutting out any margins of error. As the information is held on a cloud CRM solution, the information about the transaction is identical whether viewed from the showroom, in the office or over at the warehouse. 

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