Worldwide Brands and Salehoo

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Although there are a very large number of detailed Worldwide Brands reviews available to read online already, I want to compare this directory to it’s closest competitor, Salehoo, as that’s something that’s often left out of the existing Worldwide Brands reviews that I’ve read.

Worldwide Brands is the original directory of certified suppliers – both drop shippers and wholesalers – and was set up in 1999 by Chris Malta, an established eBay power seller at the time.  Today it has more than 8,000 suppliers listed in it’s database, and from them about 16 million products are available to buy at wholesale prices.  This makes it both the oldest and largest directory of verified suppliers on the Internet.

Salehoo is very similar, but was set up six years later in 2005.  It’s based in New Zealand and has about 8,000 suppliers as well, but significantly fewer products from them – only about 2.5 million as of 2018.

There are two big differences between Worldwide Brands and Salehoo: the number of products (as I’ve already mentioned) and the price of membership.

Salehoo costs $67 per year and Worldwide Brands costs $249 – but this is a one off fee and there are no yearly or additional costs to pay.  This means that while Salehoo is cheaper at first, in the long term – and on a per product basis – it’s more expensive than Worldwide Brands.

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