Will Weight-Lifting Make Me Big And Bulky?

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Weight-liftingMany women are afraid of weight-lifting and similar exercise because they are worried they will turn into a huge bodybuilder overnight and scare people away. Some men also don't want to get as big as a house because they don't like the look. A few studies have even suggested that women find the bulky bodybuilder look less attractive than the lean, fit celebrity male look. Men who are interested in getting the lean, fit look that women are attracted to, may be interested in the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

Realistically, you could put two groups on the same weight-lifting workout that a bodybuilder used to become Mr Universe and get one group to become bulky, and yet have the other group stay or become lean and toned just by changing their diets. It takes more than just lifting weights to get huge, it also takes eating huge amounts of food to give the body the surplus it needs to pack on muscle. So, if you don't eat huge amounts of food, you are never going to get huge and bulky like a bodybuilder. Also, let's not forget the strong use of steroids in the bodybuilding world that makes it possible to get as big as they do. Without steroids, an average Joe or Jane just isn't going to get a big as those freakishly huge bodybuilders you see on magazines. It just isn't going to happen. We all have genetic limits to how muscular we can get, and even without steroids it takes years of dedication in working out and eating right to reach those genetic limits. It takes more dedication than the average person is willing to give.

In summary, no, lifting weights on it's own will not make the average person big and bulky unless they eat like a bodybuilder, train as regularly as a bodybuilder does for several years, and/or take steroids. A natural bodybuilder that is trying to get as big as they can is lucky if they build 2 lbs of muscle a month. They have to work really hard to even accomplish that. Some people feel like one set of bicep curls once a week is going to make their biceps as big as melons, but it takes much more work than that to grow ridiculous amounts of muscle. It's simple. Don't eat like a bodybuilder and you won't get as big as a bodybuilder does from weight-lifting.

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