Why Friday Evening Wedding Is Gaining Popularity

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We all are attracted by the growth in popularity of Friday Evening and Friday night weddings. Therefore, we find out some reasons why Friday night weddings are gaining everyone’s attraction. If you are looking for a nice and beautiful destination for your wedding, you may check Fiji wedding on http://www.paradiseinfiji.com/.

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Less Anxiety

Most all agreed that they were less stressed than if they had a weekend wedding. Most of the couples get exhausted in their own. Evening wedding give them plenty of time for other activities. As Friday wedding is an evening event, so preparations such as hair and beauty, picture taking and so, do not have to start out early each day.

Consequently, even though it was their wedding day, nor the bride nor the groom required to rush or panic.

Wedding discounts and special bargains

Friday brides and grooms can save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing or compromising having their dream wedding. Subsequent are some incentives that were either offered or negotiated.

  • Additional time at no additional cost.
  • A free wedding album, a free video, a free of charge DISC, free copies of the wedding.
  • Pay for the flower arrangements and bridesmaids bouquets and the bride gets her bouquet at no charge.
  • Cost-free desert table from the caterer


One of the concerns that brides and grooms express is about whether a Friday night time wedding will cause their wedding guests inconvenience. The answers we received when posing this question to couples who had Friday evening wedding, touched on different points. However the consensus was that most friends loved the idea of needing to leave work a little early, or better yet have a justification to take a day off. A Friday wedding did not pose problems to local guests. Generally, employers had no problem allowing employees a few hours or even a full day off on the last day of the workweek.

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