Which is better: Plasma or LCD TV?

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Whether you are thinking about replacing your old television set or buying a new TV, you are probably wondering which among the most recent technologies you should buy. If you want an LCD TV, then you can choose between a smooth plasma high definition TV or the latest 3D television. If you are finding it hard to decide then you can read the insights first.

Generally, the reason for choosing LCD over a plasma TV is that LCD TVs have less reflective display and show brighter images. They also provide a clear picture in the day-lit rooms. Additionally, with LCD TVs, you do not need to worry about seeing your reflection when you are watching TV at night. You can find out 110 inch plasma TV price at online TV review sites.

While the difference could possibly be small, LCD TVs also use less power when compared with most of the plasma TVs, so purchasing them would be more environmentally helpful. The latest LCD TVs provide still and more accurate hues than the predecessor.

Conversely, a plasma TV may be better in case you are planning to have your own home theater system. There are two main reasons why this can be so: the picture quality & viewing angle.

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