Which is Better – Aluminum or Steel Horse Trailers?

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Are you searching for a new horse trailer in the market? If so, would you know a quality horse trailer from an inferior one? Would you know what materials are preferable for strength, durability, and safety? Which would you choose…aluminum or steel?

Few years ago, horse trailers were created from steel that would corrode. Because the steel could rust, the trailers would quickly deteriorate and be unsightly and unsafe pertaining to hauling horses. You can also design your own turtle back trailer today.

Once upon a period, steel rusted! Rusted steel became weak and fragile. Aluminum didn't rust. Therefore, aluminum was predominantly the material chosen for use within building horse trailers.

Several horse trailer manufacturers, such as Sooner, Featherlite, and A number of Star, began building horse trailers constructed from aluminum to replace the old, rust-deteriorating steel trailers. All things considered, everyone knew that lightweight aluminum didn't rust! Soon, horse owners were convinced that the new, all-aluminum trailers were ideal.

In years to come, it would become clear that using all lightweight aluminum in horse trailers received some negative consequences. But, back in the overdue seventies and early eighties, those consequences hadn't yet become known. The high cost of aluminum seemed to be the only negative element to building all-aluminum trailers. Nonetheless, consumers were willing to pay for the extra cost to avoid buying a trailer which may potentially deteriorate from corrode.


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