What To Look For While Buying Marine Corps T-shirts?

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Though shiny boots don't help the military to win wars, it teaches them paying attention to details. Dressing professionally not only defines their personality but also helps them in improving the self-discipline and self-confidence.

As the attire is their everyday armor, it prepares them for the war and everything else going in their lives. So, as the attire matters a lot for the military, they need to pay attention even to the minute things while buying their clothing items. You can also shop for Si Vis Pacem t-shirts online via Parabellumdesigns.com & Para Bellum Designs.

The things that Marine Corps need to pay attention to while buying marine corps t-shirts are:


There are no special specifications for the fabric of the t-shirts that marine corps wear. But on a general basis, the staff should not be so much soft (as it would last for just a few days) and should not be too hard (as it would not be comfortable to wear). Therefore, check the fabric of the t-shirt before you buy it.

Colour shade

It may seem odd to you but the military has specific color codes for their uniform. It is not only the color that needs to be matched but their t-shirt must have a particular color shade.

So, before you choose an online store and make your purchase, you need to check if its collection has particular color shade in the shirts. Usually, the exact matches of the marine corps t-shirts are found at the stores which provide the clothing items and other accessories of all kind of military forces.


The military clothes, whether they are blazers or t-shirts, have a badge on them. These badges may vary from region to region. So, you need to check if the t-shirt has a badge on it.

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