What NOT to pack when staying in Hostels?

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Hostels are all about minimalizing. Discarding unnecessary stuff while packing will not only make your hostel experience fun, but also an overall light and easy travel. 

Here is a list of 6 things to leave at home:

1. Oversized luggage.

Chose a medium or small sized suitcase or a backpack over large bulky ones. Space is limited and hostel lockers are designed to store small sized backpacks. 

2. Thick Towels

Switch those oversized towels for a quick-dry towel. This will not only make your bag light, but your dorm room won’t smell like a wet towel.

3. Expensive Items.

You will be sharing your room with strangers, keep your expensive accessories, jewellery, music players, speakers, etc at home. You don't want to worry about the expensive watch you left in the dorm room while admiring a masterpiece at a museum visit.

4. Sleeping-Bags

Don’t carry a sleeping bag unless you plan to go camping. Hostel linen is clean and washed regularly. Sleeping bags take up a lot of space in your backpack. So don’t carry it just-in-case. You can always rent one if you absolutely must.

5. Range of Toiletries

Carry mini-travel sized toiletry kits. You’ll have more space in your backpack to carry back souvenirs.

6. Unnecessary Luggage.

Pack according to the weather. If it will be cold where you’re going don’t carry too many jackets. One jacket is usually enough. Travel light, your shoulders will thank you.

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