What Makes Li-Ion The Battery Of Choice?

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As a result of the reduced size and increased strength hunger modern laptops and other portable equipment industry must create a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery. The use of lightweight carbon and lithium for battery electrodes makes it particularly light and compact.

Primary lithium batteries in the camera and lithium-ion batteries used in most laptops are very different. You can also buy Samsung lithium ion battery online.

Samsung INR 18650 20A 2500mAh Lithium Ion Battery 3.7V 25R

The explosion of the consumer electronics market has led to the popularity of this impressive battery, which is now used in iPod, iPhone, mp3 players, PDAs, laptops and electronic equipment more.

Energy density is a factor that determines the weight and size of the battery. By dramatically increasing their volumetric energy density, Li-ion battery allows the designer to create thin and light gadgets on the market today.

Industries such as aerospace, automotive and defense also have applications where high energy density of Li-ion batteries required. Because they have a higher operating voltage, cell only a few need to be combined in a package, which reduces assembly costs and improves reliability.

There are many facts that more superior acceptance of these cells on the market exploded. In addition to the energy, density is higher and higher voltage per cell, li-ion batteries also need a long time to discharge themselves, it is easier to recharge and less harmful to the environment, to operate better under cold temperatures, longer life and easier to manage.

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