What is The Future of Augmented Reality?

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Many of us grow up with TV shows like The Bionic Woman where ordinary people are given 'super' power through special implants. This type of imagination is now very close to reality. Augmented reality (AR) really changes the way we see the world and how the world can interact with us. 

Applications for bionic contact lenses range from increased leisure activity (where the lens will act as a special camera, telescope or even night glasses) to comprehensive health management (where doctors can monitor the patient's vital functions through the lens). To get more information about virtual reality and AR technology you can go to this site https://virtualongroup.com/augmented-reality/.

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The consequences of education are phenomenal. Interactive learning materials will be sent to students who are conducting field research. Virtual classrooms will be formed to accommodate students who live in different areas. This is a clear dissolution of limits in terms of accessing and delivering information.

In terms of our daily lives, AR will also have a very big impact. This again enters the realm of 'science fiction' where, for example, we will be able to have real-time 3D conversations with holographic images of a friend on the other side of the world.

Imagine a world where the vast ocean of knowledge available on the internet is at our fingertips every day, filtered through intelligent analysis, superimposing new levels of the reality behind and above the physical world. This is AR and according to many sources, and technology that is developing fast, closer than we thought.

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