What is Stone Restoration?

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There are many types of stone that tend to be used for household surfaces. When stone surfaces are poorly maintained, or after a long while, they need to have restorative services performed on them. These are generally best done by a stone restoration expert to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

photo of a stone floor

Can All Types of Stone Surfaces be Restored?

Natural stone is deemed to be stone surfaces that can be found naturally in the environment. They tend to be hard but porous stone. This porous nature of natural stone means that normal everyday household cleaning products should not be used on these surfaces as they will cause deterioration to occur at a faster rate. 

The various types of natural stone surfaces that tend to be used in homes and buildings can include: 

  • Terrazzo; 
  • Travertine; 
  • Marble; 
  • Granite;
  • Limestone; 
  • Soapstone; and
  • Onyx. 

These naturally occurring forms of stone are generally applied as columns, countertops, and floors. After a number of years of frequent use, foot traffic and harsh chemicals, the surface will eventually need to undergo a restoration process. In general, all forms of natural stone surfaces can be restored, as long as the proper process is used. 

What is the Process Involved in Stone Restoration?

Natural stone restoration is generally best completed by a professional due to their ability to use the most appropriate tools and compounds for the job. The process of natural stone restoration is done through honing and grinding and polishing. Honing and grinding is the process by which a large commercial machine with a rotating disc has pads of varying degrees of diamond grit attached, from coarsest to finest This results in all imperfections, including scratches, scuffs, dents and gouges, being removed, layer by layer. A polishing pad of extremely fine grit is then attached to the machine which then polishes up the floor to a highly shined state. Once all processes involved in the honing and grinding, and polishing processes, a sealant layer will need to be applied to the floor in order to protect it and its illustrious shine. 

stone floor that needs restoration


Natural stone is a variety of stone that can generally be found or mined naturally and then processed to be able to be used as surfaces in buildings. Commonly used natural stone surfaces, often as flooring, are granite, marble, travertine and terrazzo. These are all desired for their shine and lustrous appearance, adding an elite finish to any area. However, this elite status comes a higher level of maintenance needed and eventually restoration. All types of natural stone flooring can be restored, however, it is often best to engage a trained professional for the task to ensure the appropriate process and materials are used. Generally, restorative processes involve the honing and grinding back of the upper layers which have imperfections – scuffs, stains, scratches and gouges – then polishing and resealing the surface. 


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