What is Happy Hour

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The term Happy Hour originated in the 1920s in the United States Navy. The word itself was slang for a scheduled entertainment period on a ship where boxing and wrestling matches took place. This afforded sailors the opportunity to let off the stress accumulated during long periods at sea.

As we know it, this term is a marketing term for a period of time where discounts are offered on alcoholic drinks. One major challenge of any drinking establishment is soliciting business during the late afternoon and early evening hours. Although some people do stop in for drinks after work, many establishments remain slow until at least 9 PM. 

The typical time period is somewhere between 4 PM and 7 PM and is used to boost business during their slow hours. In recent years, many businesses have started marketing the term Reverse Happy Hour in order to increase business from 10 PM through the closing hours. For more information about a happy hour, you can also search Flat Iron Grill via https://www.theflatirongrill.com/.

Looking for a perfect place to go during the happy hours is quintessentially a difficult task. It needs experience and research to come across such a venue which can provide you perfect arrangements and hospitality. 

While going for a happy hour party, one must have an idea of the taste of guest who is going to attend the party. It is better to research about your guest list and gets an idea of their profiles to match the class of the party.

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