What is Erbs Palsy Injury?

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Erbs Palsy is a birth injury which makes the infant fatal for the whole life sometimes. It is the only health issue which is immediately apparent after the birth of the child. For preventing this health issue, the mother is required to pay utmost attention to her health during the time of pregnancy. There can be a lot of minor health problems which can turn into major problems that can affect the whole life of the infant. In case you get trapped in medical negligence case, then it is advisable to get in touch with the best medical negligence lawyers, they can provide you free consultation for victim if you visit them.

Erbs palsy takes place just after the birth and it happens generally because of the wrong practices and procedures used in the practice of delivering the child. It is the most delicate work to do, if seen with the perspective of a practitioner.

When the mother is about to deliver the child, sometimes if the weight and size of the infant is larger than normal, then it can hurt a lot the mother because then the shoulders of the child gets stuck behind the pelvis muscles of the mother and makes the procedure of delivering the child a bit difficult. 

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