What is a Web scraper site?

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Recently I received some emails asking me about scraper sites and how to beat them. I'm not sure there is something that is 100% effective, but you may be able to use it to your advantage (something). If you are not sure what a scraper site is.

A scraper site is a website that extracts all information from other websites through the best website scraper. No part of a scraper site is original. A search engine is not an example of a scraper site. Sites like Yahoo and Google collect content from other websites and index it so you can search for keywords in the index. The search engines then show fragments of the original content of the site that have been recorded in response to your search.

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In recent years, and since the emergence of the Google AdSense web advertising program, scraper sites have proliferated at an incredible speed for spam search engines. Open content, Wikipedia, a common source of material for scraper sites.

Now it must be taken into account, that it has a wide variety of scraper sites that host its content and can reduce its ranking on Google, as it was sometimes considered spam. So I suggest doing anything to prevent that from happening. You can't stop everyone, but you can benefit from what you don't do.

Things you can do:

Include a link to other publications on your site in your publications.

Include the name of your blog and link it to your blog on your site.

Manual white list of good spiders (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.).


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