What Are Antenatal Clinics?

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The majority of your pregnancy care will be provided in a place outside the hospital, however, many hospitals hold several clinics in hospitals where women can be seen by a specialist or midwife if necessary.

If like most women, you do not have a complication in your pregnancy, you will only need to be seen by a midwife and GP. To allow easy access, many centers of healthcare also provide a prenatal unit clinic based in the hospital for women who live outside our region.

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All appointments will be arranged by your midwife and will advise you regarding the details of your appointment and why a referral to a specialist clinic was made.

Where will my prenatal appointment be held?

Once we accept your letter of reference, an appointment with an assistant is organized for you with your first scan. We must have the correct address and phone number for you.

Your first appointment with your midwife appointment is known as the "reservation". The area of your pregnancy care is managed by where you live and is expected to be in a convenient location.

The majority (85%) of pregnancy care takes place in the community with easy access, as in the GP surgery, health center, or a center for children. appointment scanning is still in the hospital.

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