Visiting the salt flats of Bolivia

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Envision an island made out of drifting consumable reeds with individuals and creatures occupying that same island and eating those extremely same reeds. Envision a one-path rock way twisting through the mountains with perspectives spreading over 1,000 feet start to finish and with the most elevated vehicular mischance rate on the planet. 

What I present to you here is only a sprinkling of what you can investigate in this landlocked nation which compasses the extremes in the middle of Andean and Amazonian scenes and societies. There's additionally Cochabamba with its stately tree-lined parkways and the tallest Christ statue on the planet. There's Salar de Uyuni, the world's biggest (and most astounding elevation) Salt flats Bolivia that offer a scene apparently from another planet. Go down what the Inter-American Development Bank has authoritatively reviewed as the world's most hazardous road€ to see the streams, waterfalls, foothills, and tropical blossoms and winged creatures of Los Yungas. Take after the last courses of Che Guevarra before he was caught and executed in this furiously free nation. 

Also, on the off chance that you can't make it there in individual, go in your creative energy with my book, Plant Teacher, which takes after the lives of an American exile group on the other hand manufacturing their fates or grappling with their pasts in the heart of South America. Now and again moving, now and again out and out frightening, Plant Teacher has been hailed as a €engrossing€ read and, best of all, half of the returns go to philanthropy. Watch a trailer, read extracts, and take in more about the Plant Teacher venture. Also, wherever your experiences take you, might your voyages be educational.

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