Various Exercises For Releasing Stress

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Relaxation exercises work to relax your body by using a variety of thought processes in addition to methods. They normally follow a set of sequence and many people like to train with the help of tape or CD to get benefit from relaxation exercises.

Here are a couple of exercises to try

1. Have a comfortable position with your body loose and eyes closed. For the best results, sit in a comfortable chair or lie in your back on the bed. Choose a breathing exercise, even if it is just 5 deep breaths inside through your nose and out through the mouth area. To get more details about this exercise, browse oppmerksombevegelse.

2. Feel the weight of the body pressing down into the chair or onto the bed. Notice the points at which the surface touches you and feel the way that gravity presses one's body down onto that surface. There will probably be more than one surface you might be noticing, such as the chair and the floor for anyone who is sitting.

3. Now slowly notice where you feel tense. Scan your body using your mind, sensing tension. You can start with one area and move to another location, or you can find by far the tensest spots first and then work at the less tense areas.

4. Focus on one area and picture the stress as having a certain condition. Is it round? Sharp? It doesn't matter what shape, size, or color you conjure up – however you should imagine this shape as being heavy.

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