Understanding How Lawsuit Funding Works

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Lawsuit funding isn't financing. It is a cash advance against the cash you and your lawyer expect to get in compensation for your situation.

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The process is quite simple:

1. Interview with Attorney: To begin with, the lawsuit financing company contacts the lawyer handling your case to examine the situation to judge the facts. This can help determine the strength of your situation. The lawsuit financing company should determine how much financing is right for the situation and whether the lawyer is working on a contingency basis.

2. Set of Client Information: 

Then, the lawsuit financing company collects necessary information regarding the complainant as related to this situation. This may be offered by anybody at the lawyer's firm. This advice helps create a file for functions of this financing arrangement.

3. Offer Approval

Now, the customer or lawyer decides whether the financing is appropriate and the arrangement is acceptable. Again, funding might be used yet the receiver wishes to use it.

4. Offer Acceptance

The customer should review the deal with the lawyer. In case the deal is approved, a financing agreement is later offered to the lawyer's company for final inspection.

5. Payment

When the financing agreement was completed and received by the financing firm, payment is instantly effected immediately via a cheque or wire transfer.

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