Types of Visas For Australia

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A visa is a government-sanctioned license to enter, stay and exit a country given to foreign nationals who would like to go to the concerned country. It's thought of as the entry ticket into a country that's mandatory regardless of the nature of this trip. Just like nearly all first-world nations, an Australian visa is crucial for a foreigner who wants to visit the country. Certainly, the Government of Australia has segregated the software for the nation's visas depending on the nature and tenure of this trip.

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Visas in Australia are classified as follows -

Immediate Tourist Visa

The tenure of the visa depends upon the nature of the trip. The Immediate Tourist Visas are usually provided to people who bear the sole purpose of business or come as tourists.

It's essential for visitors to maintain a valid passport and are frequently provided with an Australian ETA, which stands for Electronic Travel Authority. The ETA visa electronically links with the customer's passport for a set duration of time. Immigration authorities are consequently, provided with prior knowledge about a customer's visa status.

These visas are given to travelers using Australia as a way of transit, state, in the event of a layover or if a customer plans to combine a merchant navy or boat crew in the nation. Transit visas are usually permitted for a length of just about 72 hours.

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