Types and Categories of Russia Visa

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When foreign nationals wanting to get into Russia, they must obtain a Russia visa that is usually placed in their passport. There are certain people who can enter and travel around Russia without a visa is provided that they have fulfilled all criteria for visa-free travel.

Russian citizens do not require visas for travel within Russia. However, if they travel abroad, they will most likely have to obtain a visa from the embassy of the country where the individual intends to travel. You can know about Russia visit visa requirements from various internet sources.

3 Basic Types Category of Russia Visa

Legal immigration will usually determine or specify the type of Russia visa that an individual must get to travel within the country.

Therefore, it is important that you know your intentions before getting one of these visas. You will also be required to notify the authorities about the types of documents you need.

There are 3 categories of Russia visas as follows:

Student visa: A limited number of students who qualify for entry into Russia.

Visitation visa – Whether for business or pleasure, this Russian visa which entitles people to live in the country for a limited period.

Work visa: Depending on your work area, Russian government agencies may require that you accept their certification to stay and work in Russia.

Using Visa to Enter Russia

Had one of the two types mentioned above visa entitles individuals (and their families if applicable) to enter Russia in one of two ways:

o A port of entry

o Airport or land border

It also allows individuals to request information from the inspectors employed by the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) or the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Although you may have obtained a Russia visa before coming to Russia, it does not guarantee you entry into the country.

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