Trends That Are Evolving The Mobile App Development Industry

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With billions of smartphone users and billions of mobile app development features, the era is shifting the age where high demand for new features, user-friendliness, ease of use and competitive are some of the factors that truly matter.

The users download around 179 billion mobile applications per year and as per their enhancement or addition of features, people tend to stay with those apps that are promising and adding some value to the users' life. You can also browse to to get more information about Roku app development.

Mobile development in this era has certainly become one of the actively growing sectors which mind two main factors:

  • The operating system
  • The fragmentation of devices

Below mentioned are the trends that are evolving the mobile app development services and industry.

Wearable devices

Since the launch of smart wearable's based on Android and iOS, the mobile app development industry has experienced a transition in computing and dedicated apps' development. The following trend has opened up new opportunities for app developers, vendors and accessory makers.

From on-body healthcare sensors, display services to no-touch communication services, the smart wearables are the new sensation of gen X and mobile application development industry.

Mobile-Connected Smart Objects

From switching on LED lights to turning on the television or air conditioner, the apps are now available that are playing the role of remote controls.

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