Traits of a Winning Intranet

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A winning intranet is like a snow leopard; very rare, mysterious, and beautiful. Winning intranets are years in the making; building and enhancing slowly over time, supported by active executive champions and funding.

Emphasis on executive support — money follows the chiefs, and it flows down from the executive suite. And without funding, and the executive sponsorship to ensure it, your intranet will die a slow death. If you want to know more about customizable valo intranet and intranet solutions then you can browse various online sources.

It’s a lot of work. And it takes years. The average intranet has hundreds of attributes that need to be addressed and managed. And the design is not a top priority. People, process and content are the top traits and priorities.

Notwithstanding the years of work and dozens of strategic initiatives required to build and sustain a great intranet, there are key intranet traits, or master ingredients, that will virtually guarantee long-term, sustainable intranet success:

  • Executive sponsorship
  • Governance

1- Executive sponsorship

The intranet flounders, if not fails when there is no clear ownership or governance. Show me a successful intranet, and I guarantee it has a great, active executive sponsor, supported by clear intranet governance. The best intranets have superb executive sponsorship – usually the President or CEO or someone in the C-Suite.

2- Governance

As is the case with most intranets it is simply impossible to achieve any long-lasting success without a clearly defined ownership and management structure.

Simply put, governance defines an intranet’s ownership and management model and structure including the:

  • Management team
  • Roles & responsibilities of contributors
  • Decision making process
  • Policies & standards

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