Time To Use Machine Translation Or Translation Service Companies

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There are five important criteria when choosing whether to use machine translation or translation services company
1. Subject matter. Here the computer can have a big advantage, especially in relation to the technical texts. In the case of fields such as science Life in which vocabulary is very specific and comprehensive, Machine Translation system can have a terminology database built up over the years that it is impossible for the company to compete with the Translation Service. Of course, the quality depends on the number of jobs and the quality of work put into this dictionary of translation engine. You can find more about telephone interpreter service via https://chatlasapp.com/
2. Velocity. Speed is an area where computers rule supreme considering that the average translator translates at a rate of 2,500 words per day.
3. The level of accuracy. We have already discussed the level of accuracy. If the text is solely for information and then automated translation decent but if we need 100% accurate translation of the amount of time spent on post-editing MT system can often outweigh the benefits of using this system.
4. Consistency vocabulary. Again excellent computer when it comes to consistency. One centralized MT system ensures consistency as opposed to the outsourcing vendor found a great job or a different job from time to time for different translators. It is often the case that no two translators translate sentences in the same way. Of course, success depends on the preprogramming MT done first.

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