Thumb-Sucking By Babies Could Cause Dental Problems

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Throughout the early youth, the kids find it reassuring when they have their favorite blankets, teddy bears, etc. Likewise, during the sleeping period, they find it reassuring to suck on their thumbs. Thumb-sucking kids return to sleep early and don't have any difficulties during sleep.

It's been discovered that the proportion of babies having the habit of sucking on their thumbs fluctuates between 75% and 95 percent. You can find so many different ways to stop thumb and finger sucking by using Nipit-the hand stopper or by distracting the child by giving him a stuffed toy to play with.

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Regular Thumb-Sucking Behavior, in reality, some kids start this when they're in the uterus. Sucking is among the natural rhythms of this infant and therefore it finds relaxation in sucking. Many kids suck their thumbs while sleeping since it provides them a feeling of relaxation. The thumb-sucking behavior may not result in major difficulty due to their milk teeth.

Issues Caused It's not essential that the custom of thumb-sucking causes the motion of teeth in most scenarios. Bite changes may cause difficulties in swallowing, chewing and speaking. Thumb-sucking kids have a propensity to withdraw themselves whenever they suck on their thumbs. This behavior might hinder their ability to learn and their involvement in most activities.

Can it be a worrying habit?

Under ordinary circumstances, this isn't a reason behind becoming stressed too much. Nonetheless, it's essential that you carefully watch the child's habits because it might influence its oral health.

On the flip side, if he places pressure on his teeth or mouth while sucking it will become aggressive sucking of the thumb, which might cause difficulties in tooth alignment and in the rise of his mouth. This kind of situation will demand orthodontic therapy as he grows older.


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