Three Medical Transcription Challenges That Can Make it Difficult for You

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Your job as a medical transcriptionist is a very responsible one. You are the one responsible for creating medical records. And every record you create has to be accurate and complete. A little lapse on your part can affect a patient’s health. This thought is enough for the medical transcriptionist to become nervous. There are some other factors that make medical transcription difficult. In this post, we will look at the day-to-day challenges in the profession.


The deadlines in medical transcription are really deadly. You are required to turn around records in 24 hours. And there are times, you will have to deliver some records in just four hours! The deadlines in this job will always keep you at your toes.

How to beat this problem: Plan ahead. And stick to the plan. Don’t let anything distract you when you are working.

Incomprehensible recording

You will come across incomprehensible medical recordings one time or the other. However, if you are getting them consistently, it becomes difficult to meet deadlines. You have to spend a lot of effort and time on making sense of such recordings.

How to beat this problem: Inform the doctors about the quality of the recordings. Tell them how it affects the quality of the records being created. You will need to handle this with care.

Absence of supervision

Medical transcription doesn’t provide you supervision. You are required to work on your own. This makes your job difficult when you are faced with difficult dictations or demanding reviewers, along with stringent deadlines and high quality goals.

How to beat this problem: Plan your work properly. Highlight problems of incomprehensible recordings in time. Keep your client/employer informed of the hitches. Flag documents appropriately.


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