Things To Know About Images In Web Design

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Images play a vital role in forming an impression of a website, as the quality and selection of images can affect the feel and look of a website. An elegant and beautiful image can have a lasting impression on customers. Web designers make sure to add nice, beautiful and relatable pictures to their design because:

1. Customers prefer picture rather than text

A website without pictures is considered as dull and boring, even if it is designed in an excellent manner. The reason customers prefer an image is that visual information is easy access than reading a block of text and material.


2. Triggers emotions

Pictures are preferred by customers because they trigger the emotions of the individuals and customers. Images and pictures enable customers to relate to the situation illustrated in image or picture. According to research 90% of information that is retrieved is from pictures and images.

3. Logo

Logo is also a picture. All websites have the logo of the organization. Having a logo on the website helps customers familiarize with the organization. For great results on web design, Sydney is the place to go to.

4. Use meaningful pictures

Do not just use images to cover up the space, make sure that pictures are meaningful and are placed at ideal places where they are useful. That use should be to support the written material or text of the website.

5. Ensure images do not slow your website

When adding pictures and images to the website, ensure that the image is not too big that it slows down the speed of your website.

These are few things that should be taken care of when adding pictures, icons and image to websites.

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