The Trash – Cosmetic Nightmare

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It never stops to amaze me that individuals will throw just about anything just about everywhere they darned well, please. If a person will throw their garbage to a gorgeous picture – what the hell do their own living rooms, kitchens, and baths look like?

I request that rhetorically because honestly, I would be reluctant to see such filth in case their littering and trash dumping habits reflect their housekeeping abilities. To get trash collection services you may go to

The Trash - Cosmetic Nightmare

There are numerous reasons that individuals forward for clutter. I am sorry, ignorance does not fly. How large does an individual's IQ need to be to recognize they're trashing up a location?

The only Factors I watch for littering from the wilderness are both selfishness and laziness. It's the traditional psychotic attitude. "Let somebody else take care of me and pick me up, why should I be accountable? It is too much effort, so I will make Somebody Else do it"

Well, here is a heads up folks. We don't wish to check over your food cans, infant diapers, empty oil jugs, candy wrappers, or whatever else which you appear to believe it's your chance to ruin the beauty of the landscape together with.

If you cannot behave better than this, I believe we really need new legislation to help keep you in contact — such as community support to the song of earning you pick up five bags of garbage for each and every post you're caught dumping off to the rest of us.

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