The New Next Generation Saas Integration

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Traditional SaaS integration solutions have focused on simple data transfer in and out of SaaS applications. This approach may be appropriate for certain scenarios such as data migration, reporting, or synchronization. However, it is quite limiting because real business problems force users to interact with data flows to review information, make decisions, and route tasks.

We have therefore extended its existing SaaS integration solution to allow SaaS applications to be an integral part of the customer's business process flows. Now businesses can also benefit from the best EDI solutions. You can also get EDI Software, EDI Providers and Best EDI Software at Edisphere.

For example, an order management process might require moving orders to an on-premises ERP system when a sale is complete and the order is won. However, this process would typically require workflow steps that allow business users to review and configure the command.

Such a process flow with multiple user workflow steps can be configured easily and quickly. An SOA-based, code-free approach with built-in connectivity to many SaaS applications such as Salesforce and NetSuite.The data integration market has evolved over the last few years, as more and more businesses realized that the problems they were trying to solve by setting up data gateways were not really doing the job.

Most problems require more complex solutions than just moving bits and bytes. They require that data be validated before it can be processed, that errors are handled, that notifications are automatically sent to exceptions, that information is presented to business users for review and decision making, and so on. These solutions are rapidly surpassing the capabilities of "product integration".

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