The Most Popular Vintage Neon Signs

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Neon lights are very popular now, and have been quite iconic in America for some time. Do people think of Las Vegas or Chris Young hit song "Neon," color has a certain nostalgia and vintage feel to it that makes neon signs are a great marketing tool for your business.

Here are some of the most classic neon signs that have become popular icons:

Eagle Clothing: If you ever ride the F train to Brooklyn in New York, neon Eagles Clothes pins up into the sky between third Avenue and Sixth Street. It has most likely caught your eye. Although the sign since taken down, the old structures of metal and shine time the words "Home of the Eagle Clothes" has become an iconic neon sign. You can navigate for getting more information about LED signs.

Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin Donuts original neon sign glow in Boston, MA has become an icon in the industry donuts, and instantly recognizable to the font and color. It has set the standard for business sweet nostalgia.

Wrigley Field: Field home of the Chicago Cup is an icon of himself, but the sign is part of the most instantly recognizable of the field. It has also become an icon in baseball in general, and have a sense of nostalgia for Cubs fans and fans of other teams.

Buffalo Bills: There are many iconic neon signs in Las Vegas, but one of the most popular is the one at Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino. It features a buffalo in the middle with intricate red, purple, orange, and pink feathered headdress in the vicinity.

Route 66: Route 66 has become an American icon, and the neon sign, the green line of traditional and highway sign red letters spell Route 66, has become equally loved. These signs fit in any business and help improve the atmosphere with nostalgic charm.

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