The Most Economic Flashlights

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Flashlights are important tools that every home and individual should have. They are useful in times of power outages (for easy moving around), in case of earthquakes and fire emergencies, for hunting and camping and general running around. Not having a flashlight in emergency situations arises is dangerous and sometimes leads to death or serious injury.

It is therefore advisable that everyone should always have a flashlight handy. There are lots of flashlights with quality features and high-end prices, these flashlights have the brightest LED bulbs, the biggest batteries, the most durable well-designed cases and lots of features most users never use. The prices of these models sometimes scare away potential buyers who only want flashlight for infrequent use.

The truth is if you don’t really “feel” flashlights but you agree you need one just in case, there are lots of wallet-friendly flashlights that may serve your needs. These flashlights are affordable and they may not pack the features the premium ones pack; this doesn’t mean they are low quality or pushovers. They have functional features i.e. features that are needed for casual use e.g. A bright beam, a durable case, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, power efficient LEDs. They may not have water-resistant cases made of aircraft-grade aluminium or multiple-coloured LED bulbs or lots of output options or very high lumen rating or 18650 batteries. What they offer basically is a flashlight in time of need without all the fanciful parts. Most of the flashlights in this class are durable and don’t get damaged when dropped.

If you are in the market for a good flashlight and you don’t want to spend so much, you can’t have it all. You either get a very bright flashlight with averagely lasting batteries, or beautifully-designed flashlight with fragile cases. On occasion, you get lucky and you’re able to purchase one of the examples stated below. They are quite cheap, fully functional and they also have some high-end features.


This torch truly belies its price (less than $50). It is medium-sized with multiple light output options, aircraft-grade aluminium casing, and a light weight. It is powered by 4 AAA rechargeable batteries and produces output of 175 lumens, 135 lumens and 30 lumens respectively. It has a beam distance of approximately 200 meters coupled with a quality reflector. This high-tech flashlight also has a “Speed focus” feature that allows it to change from spot beam to flood beam and vice-versa in a matter of seconds.


This flashlight costs about $10 and it’s quite small in size. It’s powered by an alkaline AA battery and it illuminates okay. Considering how cheap it is, the output it produces isn’t too shabby. It is quite rugged and well-built, it’s easy to handle and not heavy at all.

There are so many affordable and good quality flashlights and these 2 are just examples from the bunch. It is advisable to check the price and specifications of your choice flashlight prior to procuring one. A web search will expose you to so many options; your biggest problem will be how to choose from so many fine and cheap flashlights.

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