The Link Between Aromatherapy Colortherapy And Positive Thoughts

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Aromatherapy has become highly popular over the last few years. Essential oils, herbs, and candles stimulate the senses and provide a relaxing effect. Now, experts are studying other healing methods that can be combined with essential oil therapy. Find out the connection between aromatherapy colortherapy postive thoughts.

There are certain colors that are most effective with the use of essential oils. These colors include yellow, which can be combined with basil, fennel, and citronella. This color helps remove blocks from chakra and mind clarity.

Another color associated with essential oils and chakra is green . This color can be combined with jasmine, rose, and rosewood. By using these essential oils with the color green, you will evoke feelings of peace, harmony, and love.

Lavender, sage, and chamomile are associated with the color blue and the use of these oils will help remove communication problems. Sixth sense and intuition are associated with the color indigo and the essential oils that are most suitable for this color include peppermint, rosemary, and elemi. This chakra is beneficial for balancing the hormones and encouraging positive thoughts.

Some of the most serious disorders, such as anxiety, heart disease, obesity, and depression are related to stress. Many conventional and non-conventional doctors recommend lifestyle changes in order to manage stress. However, colortherapy and aromatherapy are said to be just as effective for the health and wellbeing.

The blue light from computer screens, TV, and mobile phones can put a strain on the eyes. Toxins and pollutants in the air can also overwork the body and affect the nervous system. Perhaps the best way to seek relief and minimize your stress levels is to bring your body back into balance through natural therapies.

With a balanced diet, the right nutrition, and adequate exercise, aromatherapy can be an additional therapy to be added to your daily routine. The innovative practice of colortherapy together with the use of essential oils offers the best therapy for promoting positive thoughts and energy. There are strong similarities between these two therapies as they both communicate with the brain in the same way.

Just as the olfactory sensors of the brain transmit aromas to the limbic system, the receptors in the eye transform light into electrical impulses. Both colortherapy and aromatherapy trigger emotional reactions by regulating the nervous system function. This is how the brain can experience pain, pleasure, or even stress due to the fact that the nervous system is governed by the overall emotional health.

By creating biochemical reactions that signal the brain and stimulate the neurotransmitters, essential oils can influence both the sensory memory and the vital glands. Alternative therapies tend to affect the pituitary glands that regulate the endorphins. Color therapy, on the other hand, affects the pineal gland that produces the hormone melatonin. This is the hormone responsible for how the body receives light energy. In fact, color therapy is said to be a form of light therapy that can activate the pineal gland. Hence the reason why it is widely utilized with aromatherapy in many chakra techniques.

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