The Downside of Weight Loss

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 Believe it or not there is a downside to losing weight.  Granted, the upside far outweighs (no pun intended) the downside, but nevertheless there are some potential issues.  I recently had a chiropractic patient come to me after losing over 100 pounds and she was having pretty intense lower back pain.

She explained to me that she had gastric bypass surgery about a year ago and lost all that weight within about a 10 month period after being heavy for most of her life.  It turned out that her body had adapted to support all that extra weight to the point where her spine was structured differently than the average spine.  We took xrays and saw that she has a very severe “sway back,” meaning her low back curve was very exaggerated to support all that extra weight.

The weight gain was gradual.  It took many years to put on that much extra weight.  That gave the body time to adapt to support the weight and she never really experienced much back pain.  Now, she had dropped over 100 pounds in a very short timeframe, so her body didn’t have time to adapt.  Her spine was in the wrong position for her current frame.  Fortunately, there her prognosis is good.  She continues to get treated at our Chandler chiropractic office and her spine is being rehabilitated and her prognosis is good.

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