The Dangers of Used and Reconditioned Circuit Protection Devices

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The Dangers of Used and Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

As experts in electrical work and equipment, it is our duty to make sure that all our customers leave the store with what will best serve their needs.

We have been getting a worryingly high amount of people looking for or asking about used or reconditioned circuit breakers. We always end up telling people that we do not sell used/reconditioned breakers and we never will. Our focus is to serve our customers in the best way possible and sometimes that means not letting them buy harmful items.You can also contact at for Safety Switch Installation Sydney online and hire the electrician for your services.

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What Circuit Breakers Do

Before we look at why used/reconditioned breakers are an awful idea, it's important to comprehend what circuit safety does. Our residences, commercial structures and factories use much less electricity than the grid provides (because the electric company created the grid to force everything at the same time), however the influx of electricity is bound inside our homes. Sometimes, there are vitality surges and too much electricity is delivered to our homes.

With out a circuit cover device, our properties will be overloaded with electricity. This may cause the wiring to catch fire and the complete house can burn down. A breaker breaks the circuit when it picks up too much electricity. It essentially breaks the bond between you and the billed utility company to keep you safe.

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