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There are a lot of mysterious events and ghost stories associated with the Curse of Savannah. It seems like a haunted house with real ghosts lurking around almost every corner of the dark.

Savannah was established in 1733 by General James Oglethorpe and is the oldest city in Georgia. More information about the best ghost stories is also available at puzzle box horror.

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The city was originally built on Indian burial ground known as the Yamacraw Bluffs.  As settlers affected by Yellow Fever or other unfortunate events, the cemetery filled quickly. 

Businesses and homes are forced to expand into the ground where the dead lay to rest, as the city grew. Some of the bodies disinterred and buried elsewhere, but many do not.

The story is told of a former slave and allegedly ill-fated doctor called Mathias. After gaining his freedom, Mathias plans to infiltrate the estate posing as a slave to guide slaves north of freedom through the Underground Railroad.

On a cold November night in 1859, Mathias made his move. To protect their escape he gave each slave with a mojo bag. However, one of the slaves refused the offer and threatened to expose the plan, so Mathias killed him. Twelve slaves escaped, but Mathias was caught and thrown into prison.

The witness claimed Matthias hanged in his cell, but the sheriff swore he was killed in the act of trying to escape. Many believe that Matthias cursed town in revenge and called a lot of real ghosts that have haunted Savannah since then.

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