The best nootropic supplements

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There are so many smart drugs available in the market these days. Modafinil is one of them. It was developed in France in the 1980s. It got FDA approval in 1998. Firslty, it was sold as a medicine for the treatment of sleep disorder. Modafinil was later known to improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

In the movie Limitless, which was released in 2011, Bradley Cooper played the character who increases his brainpower by taking a nootropic drug known as NZT-48. This fictional smart drug was based on the actual nootropic i.e. modafinil. The actions shown in the movie are fictional but the benefits that nootropic pills can provide to the bran are actually great.

Modafinil helps you to clear your head by improving your focus, vigilance & alertness. As a result, you will notice an increased ability to pay attention. To learn about brain drugs in detail, you can visit

Evidences have found that Modafinil can improve some issues related to working memory, such as digital manipulation, structure recognition, & electronic digital span. These improvements are the result of capacity of the drug to reduce the impact of drowsiness.

An amazing benefit that researchers cannot clear yet is that Modafinil can also help you to lose weight. A clinical trial found that those who took the drug decreased their daily calories by 18%. 

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