The Best Business Cards Do These 4 Things

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1. Which means don't choose any online template just because it matches your industry? Clipart is not the best idea. Neither is a card with your logo on it. You want it to be more memorable than that. There are too many websites offering high impact designs to settle for a forgettable card.

2. The best business cards are the ones that really engage prospects and create a lasting impression on them. Either by design, by content, or by the business card itself.  Need an example? Business cards don't just come in paper form. There are plastic cards (even clear plastic too). There are wood, 3D, and metal business cards.

The Best Business Cards Do These 4 Things

3. It is likely to become an AD! Yes, an advertisement. A business card that has your contact information is a contact card. Business isn't won by contact cards. The business cards are. Consider it this way. Do you place your name and phone number if you conducted a page Yellow Pages ad?

Well, consider your business card as the exact same blank advertisement canvas, and include some content that will impress your customers, establish you as an expert, build trust, and offer them on the notion of doing business with you.

4. Guide your prospects move. Maybe the biggest business card error of all is that they don't guide the prospect's next action. The business cards that are ideal ALWAYS do. Don't leave this up to your prospect you list on your contact details. 

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