Taking A Journey To Gold Coast Australia

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Gold Coast Australia and its interesting history reveal a popular Australian city that sits in a beautiful southeastern corner of the Australian state of Queensland which itself sits in the northeast corner of the west coast of this island nation. 

Anyone who is traveling through Queensland and intending to visit Gold Coast will happen upon an extremely fascinating and popular city. If you want to know more about ultimate Gold Coast attraction then you can search for various online sources.

Within Queensland, Gold Coast is the second-largest city in terms of population and the sixth-largest in the country. 

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Additionally, of the non-capital cities located in any of Australia's states or territories, it is the largest of all. The city itself is widely renowned for the quality of the sunny climate and the subtropical whether it is a constant year-round presence.

The city is a big draw for surfers of all abilities and can brag about a number of outstanding beaches for surfing. In fact, a few of them are regular stops on a couple of professional surfing tours. 

Along the shoreline, there is a huge number of skyscraper-type apartment buildings in which many of the city's more important people reside. To the west, the city can boast of a beautiful rain forest.

Gold Coast takes a backseat to no Australian city when it comes to the quality of its nightlife and it is a fact that sightseers and tourists understand this and are eager to partake in the nightlife.

In fact, the city can rightfully point out the quality of numerous attractions and tourist spots that help to make the Gold Coast almost as popular as Sydney. There are also over 400,000 residents in the city.

The first European to lay eyes on the area which eventually became Gold Coast was the famous English explorer James Cook, who sailed past the area on his ship Endeavor. He noted its location in his log on May 16th, 1770. In 1802 another explorer named Matthew Flinders noted its location on the survey charts he was compiling for the region north of the relatively young colony of New South Wales.

Australia is a land that brags on occasion of being partly colonized by prisoners. Indeed, more than a few escapees from the prison colony at Moreton Bay hid out in the area after escaping. Additionally, other prisoners who had been transported there found ways to stay after serving out their sentences. Colonization began in 1823 by John Oxley, who set landed at Mermaid Beach.

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