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Double Bunk Bed With a Loft Ladder – Is it Safe?

A double bunk bed is basically a kind of twin bed where one twin bed frame is placed on top of the other, enabling two or more beds to easily occupy the same floor space normally required by only one. They are most commonly found in dormitories, ships, military, schools, hospitals, military bases, and hostels, as well as on recreational vehicles, prisons, and summer camps. The space is maximized when beds are arranged at an angle on each side.

Using double bunk beds for kids requires proper planning, especially for kids who are still young and need a lot of space. It's not enough to have them sleep on the floor, since kids may get too fat that way. Make sure to leave some space on the ground for play and study, as well as some areas in their room to hold stuff like bikes, books, or games. Make the most of your kids' floor space by using storage drawers underneath, shelves, or other furniture to store items. A chest of drawers will be of great help, especially if you don't have much left over on the table.

The most common type of double bunk beds for kids is the trundle version, which simply means that the upper bed is folded up inside the lower one, forming a "trundle bed." This makes it easier to give the kids more space to spread out. However, some parents only allow the upper bed to be pulled out while the lower one is left folded up. Whichever choice you make, keep in mind that both trundle beds take up the exact same amount of floor space, even when opened, and are much better options than bunk beds with just a single lower bed.

Many families choose to go with a loft ladder to get onto their double bunk beds bunks. However, not everyone finds this ideal, as it can be hard to climb up a ladder with a child hanging over your shoulder. If you do decide to go with a loft ladder, make sure that there is plenty of space under the top bunk, as your little one can be safely pulled up from below. Consider an indoor climbing wall, which is basically a slide built into a wall, but is safer since you can lock the top part down. Otherwise, you might need to consider a set of steps at the bottom of the loft.

Some parents opt for a set of stairs to go up to the loft, rather than having the stairs leading straight up from the lower bunk bed. Whether you go with a set of steps or not, make sure you have enough rakes or shovels by the stairs so that your child can use them when they are climbing up. Some bunk beds come with an enclosed ladder, which is definitely the best way to go. Your kid will love being able to reach the top bunk and will be much safer because the ladder cannot tip over on them. Make sure the ladder is stable though, as you don't want your child to become trapped if it collapses!

It can be very expensive buying double bunk beds in a set. For those that are in good shape though, it can be completely worth the price. If you are looking for the most inexpensive way to buy the perfect bunk bed, then look online and compare prices with other stores. You may even find some great deals online, or even cheaper if you buy the complete set.

The most popular style of bunk bed today is called the carriage house. The name comes from the fact that the upper and lower bunks swing open, like a carriage house, so your little one can get in and out easily. They tend to be a bit smaller than regular bunks, but are perfect for children who are still growing, because their sizes allow for rapid growth.

Another popular option is the tall twin or full size bed with a loft ladder. These are perfect if you have children who are tall. They typically take up more room than regular triple beds, but that is because they have more depth, which allows them to offer more sleeping space, and also grow with your child. Again, keep in mind the safety issue, and do not choose a height that is too high for your little one. Look for reviews of these types of products online, to see what other parents have to say about them, or go into your local children's furniture store to see a good example of a shorty bunk beds with a loft ladder.