Surprise Benefits of a Garden Turf

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Specially grown to the highest of standards; garden turf is luscious, weed-free green grass grown to be used for a variety of locations including gardens, front lawns, school yards, community areas and so much more.

Garden turf is an excellent way of covering up bare, dirt ground and gaining a beautiful, bright grassy lawn immediately without waiting for seedlings to grow; but it also has many benefits to offer including being Eco-friendly and Climate savvy!

Surprise Benefits of Garden Turf:

Did you know that turf actually provides a significant amount of much needed oxygen whilst simultaneously trapping unwanted air pollution? You can choose buy turf in Sydney & Windsor – Hawkesbury Turf to give your garden area a new look.

 Furthermore, turf has a natural cooling effect even greater than that which trees provide us with, which is highly beneficial towards climate control.

Turf is highly water-retentive and is excellent at erosion control. Without turf, the impact of heavy rainfalls would ruin masses of valuable, fertile soil. Turf cleverly filters and cleans the water it comes into contact with, allowing it to gently trickle away without causing any major damage.

In such a highly urbanised world that we live in, turf provides us with the perfect excuse to get-back-to nature and enjoy the outdoors. Green, grassy ground naturally invites people to sit down and relax in public areas, or even play games.

Its softness means that it is much safer for children to play sports on as they are less likely to become injured if they fall on turf than they are if they fall over on concrete.

Turf is a natural sound-proofer and can reduce sounds by 8 to 10 decibels which is great for blocking out unwanted traffic noise in busy residential areas.

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