Speed Detectors GPS Cameras

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Camera that detects speed of a vehicle is an invaluable thing that is used to warn drivers about soeed cameras. These types of cameras uses the GPS technology. You would be able to find the vehicle’s location through GPS and then compare that with a database of known camera positions.

The cameras such as ZenduCAM will know the vehicles current direction of travel and speed and is able to calculate if the speed limit exceeds its optimal limit. If the driver over speed its vehicle, it will send an alert to the driver which is a combination of visual and audio signals, generally a series of signs display and beeps. This gives the driver a chance to lower their speed back under the limit and avoid a fine and points on their license.

The benefit of GPS speed detector cameras is that they do not depend on laser detection to warn the driver. Instead the system works from a database of known fixed speed camera and traffic light camera locations, and can even be programmed to include areas where mobile camera vans are known to be used. This can result in some false alarms, but better to be safe than sorry where your driving license is concerned. GPS camera detectors will also warn the driver about the new digital SPECS systems and infrared Truvelo cameras, both of which cannot be detected by radar or laser-based detectors.

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