Some Of The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

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The symptoms of ovarian cancer in women can be difficult to notice. A lot of people may see the signs down to something else.

Some of the first signs that you may have ovarian cancer are persistent pains in the stomach, loss of appetite bloating of the stomach, bowel problems such as constipation or nausea, tiredness, pains in the back or neck and weight loss.

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These symptoms are often be mistaken for some different reasons. Some women may feel abdominal pains until their period alongside a bloated feeling.

Because symptoms of ovarian cancer in women can be similar to routine everyday problems for many, because of this cancer may often disperse. This makes treatment tougher and the success rate may be lower than that if the cancer was diagnosed earlier.

This cancer can sometimes be genetic, even if two or more members of your family have previously suffered from ovarian or breast cancer, you need to let your doctor know.

Some younger girls often dismiss the symptoms mentioned above; this might be because they believe the cancer is an issue that only affects the elderly girl.

It can be because they don't have any idea that the symptoms they are experiencing are like those for prostate cancer.

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