Some facts about condo properties

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Are you thinking of buying a condo property? Let’s consider all the points that need to bew kept in mind when investing in condo property.

Common Property: Limited common property is owned by everyone in the building and typically includes areas such as: facilities, lobby, parking, elevators, hallways, etc. Basically the common property is everything outside of your suite. Common property is maintained by the property manager or condo board and but it is financed by condo fees. You can visit http:/ to find apartment for sale in Chiangmai

Condo Fees: Apartment suite expenses incorporate the upkeep of the building and regular zones and in addition a store. Most condominium charges will likewise go to pay all or possibly an expansive dominant part of utilities. Every building may work in an unexpected way; be that as it may, most apartment suite charges depend on the square footage of the unit.

Condo Levies: Townhouse toll can strike dread in the hearts of apartment suite proprietors. A duty is an obligatory charge of x measure of dollars to each proprietor in a building and is done when significant repairs or redesigns must occur that cost increasingly that the store asset can deal with.

Condo Boards: A condominium board is a gathering of proprietors that follow up in the interest of the working everywhere to deal with the condition of the working and additionally funds, future tasks and worries of different proprietors.

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