Smart TV and 3D TV

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Let`s put 4K TV aside, let`s talk about Smart TV and 3D TV. Today`s TV offers many hi-tech features that will let the consumer enjoy the most of their TV experience.  Some features that offered by world manufacturers into their TV are smart TV and 3D TV.

Let`s talk about smart TV

Smart TV will lets you connect to the internet or devices, like laptops and smartphones through miracast technology and even able to display content on your device at its screen directly with DLNA technology. Smart TVs also can connect to the Internet and access online services via apps provided by the manufacturers, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There are also apps that support channel streaming as well as live streaming with internet. Smart TV usually equipped with camera so you can make Skype call. You can also go to to get more details.

Let`s talk about 3D TV

3D is an added feature in today`s most of the high-end TVs on shelves. Those TVs can display video that are made in 3D. There will be specialized 3D glasses that will help you watch the 3D content and deliver real watching experience. Some of today`s TV have 3D on its feature.

Today`s TV

Today`s people is no longer worry about whether to choose LED or LCD TV, but with many products come to market, we as consumer have plenty of choice. Start from resolution, technology, screen size as big as best 60 inch TV or even bigger and the features. Smart TVs usually equipped with a lot of features and apps that will allow you to access various online services. If your other device like game consoles can connect to internet, this smart TV is heaven for you. 3D content availability is limited now, but in future there will be more 3D content for sure. So what are your pick now?

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