Simple Steps To Apply On Dog Training

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 Many people love to have puppies for pet. Having a puppy that obeys your commands brings extra joy to you as the owner. Puppies are not born with the ability to obey but instead owners are recommended to slowly train their puppies. If a person finds it difficult to train a puppy, they can always seek services of dog training in San Fernando Valley.

The training is basically application of conduct or behavior analysis that should use antecedents environment events to shape a dogs behavior. Both the environmental events and consequences can be used interchangeably to modify a puppys behavior. This can be used to train a puppy to undertake specific simple tasks or to effectively participate in any domestic life.

Usually dogs learn more from interacting with their environment. Once a puppy familiarizes with its environment, it becomes easy for them to perform some activities with ease. There are a number of ways through which dogs learn. These can be done through operant conditioning, classical conditioning, observational learning, non associative learning among other ways.

Other ways through which puppies learn include cognitive learning, Koehler method, clicker training, motivational learning, mode rival learning and learning that is dominance based. Model rival method is anchored on principle of social learning. The method basically uses a rival or a model for attention hence demonstrating desired behavior.

On observational learning method, the animal learns from observing for a considerable amount of time the conduct of others. There is absolutely no reinforcement needed here but instead, model animal is what is required. On classical conditioning, dogs basically are taught how to associate some things in the environment it is living in. There are some important commands that are necessary for each dog. For example, the command to sit.

Puppy owners would love to be able to command their dogs to sit and see the command being effected. Sit command is regarded as the most basic and easiest for a puppy to learn. Command to come is also easy for a puppy to learn. This command helps owners to easily locate their puppies by simply commanding them to come. This command can be complimented by a reward whenever the puppy positively responds to it. Down command is also important but needs a lot of patience from the owner as the command is submissive.

Down command should be practiced whenever the puppy is relaxed. Stay is also a command for puppies that should be taught after the sit command. It takes quite some time for puppies to learn to stay seated. A trained puppy is easier to interact with as you can both communicate. There are benefits that come with such training.

The most obvious benefit is better control. If your dog has mastered basic commands such as come, drop it, sit, leave and stay, then you will find it easy to control that puppy in the house. Some of these commands assist the animal to stay safe and out of danger. Through the learning exercise of a puppy, the owner and puppy create a strong bond between them.

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