Similarities and Differences of LED TV and LCD TV

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LCD vs LED seems to be the one that people are looking for before they buy a new TV. Well, it is not surprising whatsoever since only those types of TV that are dominating the market these days, replacing the old convex screen TV. There are many things that differentiate LED TV and also LCD TV but there are some similarities that we can find in both TVs. Before talking more about the differences in here we are going to give a bit review about the similarities of both TVs. The first similarity is the screen size. Both LED TV and LCD TV provide the same screen size where there are 32 inch TV, 45 inch TV, and even 60 inch TV like lg 60 plasma thus if we are seeking for a wide screen than we can find it in both types of TV. Another similarity of these TVs is the flat screen. Yes, both TVs are the new generation of TV that replace the old convex screen which has been mentioned before.


Now it comes to the differences on both TVs. The differences are actually more than the similarities which is why there are many people who are searching for LCD vs LED comparison. The first difference comes from the back lighting. LED TV uses the light-emitting diodes where if it is compared with the CCFL backlighting which is used in LCD TV, it will consume less energy therefore if we are seeking for a TV that has a high energy efficiency than LE TV should be the best answer. Another difference comes from the quality of the color and dynamic contrast where the LED TV has a higher quality in both aspects. LCD TV win on the price fight since it offer a cheap price comparing to LED TV thus LCD TV should be the answer for people who are seeking for cheap flat TV. You may try visiting to get more information.

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