Shipping Containers for Emergency Housing

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Natural disasters leave victims who continue to suffer long after the media turns its focus elsewhere. People who lose their homes and all of their belongings may feel lucky to be alive, but they need a place where to continue to live. Recently, some organizers and others interested in providing temporary, emergency housing have begun to make use of a resource that seems abundant – metal shipping containers.

The idea was invented in part due to the excess of containers that are piling up in harbors along both coasts of the United States. In New York alone, over thousands of these empty containers are stored in the harbor and along the Jersey turnpike. There are two main reasons for this extra of containers:

We have been importing more than we have been exporting. So the containers come in full of imported goods but then we aren't filling them back up and mingling them back into the world market.Click here for the general purpose or specialized shipping container for storing goods, a fleet of accommodation containers for a mining or development site etc.

So the argument has been made that these containers could be twisted into shelter for use in emergencies. In light of the recent aftermath of hurricane Katrina, there could actually be instant need for such shelters. Ideally, the transformed containers could be delivered by truck to the actual home sight of the disaster victims.

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