Selecting A Business Name

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Choosing a company name is of the most important things you'll do when beginning a business. A nice business name can stand by itself & attract customers. Talk along with your relatives, friends or colleagues to help you come up with some creative names. You could also look for business names at online. When brainstorming a name here are some things to think about:

Generate a name that is one-of-a-kind for customers to keep in mind. It must be simple to pronounce & simple to write. A simple catchy name is ideal to communicate when customers are looking for you.

Lots of people visualize a name when they listen to or read it. Choosing a business name that creates an picture in a customer's mind is a wonderful aid to memory & a powerful promotion device. Choosing a name that creates visual recognition can lend a hand to branding your company or product.

Pick a name that gives your customers some clue about what your business does. Unless you intend on becoming a worldwide brand, names like "Nike" or "Walmart" are not ideal. A nice example is "LendingTree" or "Bankrate," which obviously portrays their businesses to be in the lending or financial industries. This is why lots of electricians would use the word "electrical" in their company name.

Keep your business name short so that it will fit on your stationery & promotion material. A business name no over 30 characters is also ideal for a domain name & online search optimization.

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