Recloseable Stand Up Pouches – How Each Style Stands Up

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From each and every individual point of view stand up pouches have changed the packaging industry nowadays. Their exclusive construction provides various opportunities for manufacturers of all types of products to obtain the benefits. In addition, their unique ability to be customized makes it an ideal solution to many packaging requirements.

A clear stand-up pack is a film laminated bag, generally, build from various kinds of plastics or also combined with an aluminum foil. This is considered an idol solution for food manufacturers such as sugar or salt because they eradicate much of the excess of molded plastic packaging.

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These pouches are obtainable in different sorts of shapes and sizes. One of the most essential things for producers to take into account before utilizing the stand-up pouches is how they want their consumers to access the product. 

Here is a brief summary of the different access methods to help you determine what is best for you:


Stand up pouches that close by a sliding zipper are possibly the most convenient technique for consumers to make use of. There is no requirement of scissors or knives to open the packet, and can easily be used by those who are suffering from any kind of health problems. 

Hooded Slider:

This is the cursor making method to the next level. For consumers who care about product damaging, the hooded slider offers an added layer of protection, giving them peace of mind that they have a need for. There is also a joint inside the slider itself, which offers more security against tampering.

Press Close Zipper:

In this method, the gasket slide on the stand-up bag is closed when the consumer presses on any sides of the zipper at the same time, creating a locked joint. It is an extremely economical method to be utilized on a stand-up pouch, but it is not necessary that these are the easiest way to use.

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