Realizing The Importance Of Professional Architectural Photography

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Architecture can be a fickle occupation. Many designers spend years planning and constructing their masterpiece, only to have it never be publicly recognized for the sensational achievement that it is. While not all designers are fame-seekers, like most people they would like recognition for their work.

According to Sukhmeet Dhillon, from the first initial napkin sketch at the coffee shop to the ribbon-cutting unveiling of the finished structure, the entire process is a labor of love, determination, and sacrifice for any architect. Obviously, they would like their work to be noticed and appreciated by a group of their peers; enter the world of architectural magazines and websites.

Professional and amateur architects alike can submit their pictures and articles to various well-read magazines (or their counterpart websites). Snap a few pictures on your Digital SLR e-mail them off, and hopefully, you’ll soon be regarded as a new industry leader.

If only it were that simple. Architectural magazines and websites, although possibly interested in your design, want you’re boring, standard pictures of your building as much as your online friends want to see the pictures from your weekend hike. Although they do capture the general essence – why yes, that is a building – they lack tone and emotion.

Perhaps that is why the niche market of architectural photography has come to fruition in the past few years. Architects want pictures of their designs to be as bold and imaginative as the structure itself; they want the photographs to be as captivating as seeing it in person.

She thinks that photos of her clients designs should command as much attention as the building itself, to truly capture the theme of the structure. A photographer that can realize the artistic beauty of a building and accurately record it in their work can help to determine the success of a design.

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