Preventive Building Maintenance Suggestions

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Maintaining a building in serviceable condition requires an investment of time, money and efforts. Regular building maintenance can prevent damage or at least restrict it and avoid any kind of mishaps. Preventive maintenance involves fixing minor issues before they lead to major ones.

Preventive maintenance can result in a considerable amount of savings. The benefits of preventive Europa Facilities and Maintenance Services include a reduction in equipment replacement and corrective maintenance costs, repair expenses, energy bills and building life-cycle costs. Here are some of the areas that require your regular attention.

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Maintenance of Air System

Inspection of air system involves checking air filter housing, air filter, the operation of the control system, box actuator, integrity of all equipment panels, wall thermostat function, and damper and heating or cooling coil operation. If any issues are detected during inspection, the relevant part should be repaired or replaced. Fan blades may have to be cleaned.

Boiler Maintenance

Boiler inspection is an important part of building maintenance. Some of the procedures involved can only be performed by skilled tradesmen, but you should be able to identify when expert help is required.

Different components of a boiler need to be inspected at varying intervals. Annual boiler maintenance involves inspection of a control box, heat exchange surfaces, damper operation, combustion chamber flue and burner, and motor contractor.

Maintenance of Pumps

Both chilled and hot water circulating pumps require periodic maintenance. The maintenance should be carried out quarterly, semiannually and annually. In annual checks, motor contactor and control box should be inspected, cleaned of debris and dirt, and repaired as required. Flow should be checked and adjusted. The drive wear, bearing and coupling seating, alignment, and operation should also be checked.

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